Frédéric Bélot

Created by enthusiasts of Nigeria nearly a decade ago, Association FRANCE NIGERIA’s objectives is to promote the cultural and economic activities between France and Nigeria.It brings together members who, because of their experiences across both countries are keen to work for the reconciliation of France and Nigeria in economic, cultural and human fields. Economically, Nigeria is a land of superlatives and many opportunities.

We quote:

– With a population of over 185 million, Nigeria is the most populated African country, one sixth of the population of the continent, the seventh country in the world by number of inhabitants. The United Nations estimates that by 2050 Nigeria is expected to reach 440 million inhabitants and positioning as the third most populous country in the world behind China and India before the United States;

– Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of the continent before South Africa and Egypt according to the IMF and the World Bank;

– In 10 years, Nigeria has become the key player in the transformation economic of the continent;

– Culturally, with “Nollywood” the Nigerian movie industry moves ahead of India ( “Bollywood”) and the United States ( “Hollywood”) in number of movies and shows an example for other African countries;

– Nigeria, english speaking country in West Africa surrounded by Francophone countries, continues to listen to its neighbors and their disputes. It imposes by its size and population as the essential power in conflict resolution in Africa.

For all its realities and potential complementarity of the two countries, France the Nigeria Association has set itself the objective of developing Business relations between the “SME” and “ETI” of the two countries by organizing regular conferences and business meetings either in France or Nigeria. These are designed to allow professionals from the public or private sector to meet to discuss and feed their reflection on major economic topics that may exist in Nigeria or in business relations Franco-Nigerian, but also to meet their counterparts or future partners.

Cultural and human, if France is well known in Nigeria, Nigeria is however unknown to the French public.
The action of the association is turning resolutely towards the French public to provide a better understanding of this great country and its rich Cultural Heritage.

To help build the human and cultural links, the Association FRANCE NIGERIA regularly organizes cultural meetings with artists Nigerian (actors, singers, writers …) and popular conferences concerning Nigeria in its African context (history, economics, politics, geology, ….).

Promote Nigerian culture and intercultural events, but also the establishment of a genuine Franco-Nigerian business network that allows its members to share their experiences across, the Association FRANCE NIGERIA hoping by its actions to contribute to make Nigeria and France two true partners both economically and culturally.

Frederic Belot
President of the Association FRANCE NIGERIA.